An exclusive network of the highest quality automotive photographers & videographers in the US - CarLife Creators set the standard for quality in the automotive marketing space.


Enjoy a flexible shooting schedule. No more booking appointments & coordinating client shoots - we handle the legwork & you simply show up.

Quick Payments

Get paid for each & every shoot within 24 hours of uploading approved content.

Seamless Uploading

Upload photo & video content with the click of a button through your CarLife Creator Dashboard. No more figuring out if you should send photos through Google Drive or Dropbox.


Work directly with some of the best automotive brands, dealerships, and collectors in the country.

“As a CarLife Creator I’ve been able to work with and shoot for some amazing brands including Ferrari, getting exclusive access to their Ferrari F8 Tributo reveal and providing coverage of their private track events for Ferrari Challenge”. It’s always a fun experience.”​
- Taylor, Orlando
“I used to always have a difficult time finding shoots, but once I signed up with CarLife I was able to shoot with some amazing dealerships & private owners all around Tampa weekly, and get paid instantly every time”
- Kevin, Tampa
“The CarLife team has been super responsive & supportive helping me succeed as a photographer. Being a Creator for them really makes you feel like you are apart of a like-minded community of car lovers.”
- Chase, Stuart, FL
“I have a full time job, but photography is my passion. It’s really nice to be able to shoot for CarLife since the scheduling is so flexible - it allows me to do what I love & build my content portfolio.”
- Joe, Palm Beach
“One of my favorite parts about shooting for CarLife is their flexibility & the ability to shoot when my schedule allowed.”
- Ryan, Miami
“As a photographer striving to produce the best and most creative work, it’s really inspiring to be part of an organization that values quality over quantity with their clients and getting the job done to the absolute highest standard. It creates a very rewarding environment for me.”
- Chris, NYC
“Being a content creator for CarLife has opened up some amazing opportunities. Their team connected me with huge brands at Car Week and since they supplied press passes I was able to take part in some very exclusive shoots.”
- Mike, NYC