Frequently Asked Questions
Do we own the photo and video content?
Yes! Your dealership owns 100% of the photo & video content.
Where can the photos and videos be used?
Any of your marketing channels. Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube), Digital & Web (Lease Specials, Banners), and even Print. Your salesmen also have access to our high quality images that can be sent to clients!
Do photos and video follow OEM Brand Guidelines?
Yes - all CarLife Creators are trained to create content that follows OEM brand guidelines for your specific brand & dealership.
Who are CarLife Creators?
Our Creators are a network of the highest quality automotive photographers & videographers around the U.S. - capable of creating magazine quality content for your dealership on demand. All Creators are vetted, insured, and trained by CarLife.
How do we get better ROI through subscribing to CarLife?
Compared to stock photography, CarLife photos and videos receive an average of 185% increase in engagement. Basically - spend less money and create much higher quality ads with your own premium and original content.
How often does CarLife shoot content at our dealership?
Choose a package that fits your dealership’s needs - either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly shoots are all flat rate and efficient pricing to deliver amazing content to your marketing teams.
How do we access all of our photo and video content?
Your entire dealership & marketing team can access all of your amazing content through our CarLife App & Dashboard.
Do we have to sign a long term contract?
Nope! All contracts are month to month with no signup fee or cancellation fee.
Do you take inventory pictures?
No, CarLife does not take inventory photos. We focus on ultra high-quality photos of models, select inventory, dealership facilities, etc… to fuel marketing initiatives with custom content.
Do you work together with our marketing vendors?
Yes! We plug in to your marketing team and vendors, providing them with all of your dealership’s premium content on demand. Our support team is also on call to assist with any additional content needs or requests.